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My name is Julie Higgins, of Leg Up Equine Massage, based out of Derry, NH. I have over 45 years of experience owning and riding horses. They are my life and my passion. In early 2019 I decided to put my knowledge and passion into a profession and became certified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I trained through Midwest Natural Healing for Animals, (www.mnha.com). This school was chosen because of the heavy focus on rider biomechanics, hoof balance, saddle fit, gait analysis and rehabilitative strategies to help owners rehabilitate their own horses. So much of our horses problems are due to any and all of the above mentioned issues. My training focuses not only on relieving pain, but also in identifying the cause in order to prevent the problem from returning. I am Level 3 certified from MNHA. Courses taken beyond Level 1 certification to be Level 3 certified include Advanced Equine Massage with a more in depth focus on anatomy, Red Light Therapy, Myofascial/Cranial Sacral Release, Trigger Point, and Kinesiology taping. In addition, I hold a certificate as a Level 1 Hoof Practitioner for SURE FOOT Pads. I offer PEMF in the form of the BEMER Horse set as an adjunctive therapy to any massage session, and am an independent distributor for BEMER. For more information please visit life.bemergroup.com/equine.

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