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Here are some customer testimonials.


Julie has been working on our boys to keep them in top shape and allow them to use themselves better.  Julie has a bunch of different modalities she can use to help the horse, and she completely understands equine anatomy.  I think this is important because there are a lot of practitioners out there that don’t know the anatomy, or how horses can compensate, and that makes that practitioner unable to do the best for the horse.  Julie also takes the time to get to know her patients, and really “gets inside their heads” to help her do her job.  I think this makes her treatments even more effective.   There are so many different practitioners out there, but Julie is by far the most rounded and caring practitioner I have come across in my many, many, many years of having and competing horses.


Julie is incredibly knowledgeable about the anatomy of the horse.  AND, she is understanding of owners and their horses and their relationship (good and bad!).  My haflinger has been stocked up for two years after a slip in the mud in the pasture.  Vets, books, lots of riders, bute, etc.  NO LUCK.  Julie made enormous progress with him in just an hour.  The before and after images were stunning.  I also invited her to work on my beloved Morgan who was in great shape, but earned a massage for his awesome behavior and work as a lesson horse.  He loved it, and she immediately saw in him what we all see in him- his kindness and intelligence.  He had some damage to a leg due to a cart injury years ago (he was an Amish cart horse).  She worked carefully with him, knowing his limitations.  So very very very happy Julie came into our lives here at our farm!


Julie is absolutely amazing and patient with human and horse! I have a difficult, dancy OTTB that she’s always super patient with him. Julie found what works best with him to make him the happiest with a mix of massage, sure foot pads and sometimes BEMER. She’s also super patient with me, being a college student working 2+ jobs makes scheduling a very difficult thing and she’s always willing to find a time that works for me. 


Julie has worked on many of my horses and ponies.  She has a great eye for seeing the smallest details that help with working with the horses and making them more comfortable.  She is very in tune with the animals and is always looking to put the best interest of the horse first.  Julie’s communication is excellent and gives a thorough write up after each session for your records.  I have seen a big improvement with all of my horses she has worked on.  They love it when she comes to work on them. I highly recommend Julie.


Julie is amazing! Her intuition with horses is obvious from the moment she arrives to the end of your horses evaluation and treatment. She is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to better their horse. She has worked on my Clydesdale Maverick several times and each time she has provided a report with all her findings. I am completely confident in her abilities. Thank you Julie! 


Julie is fabulous!  She has helped my horse tremendously. She invests in the latest training and equipment and also shows me stretches to do with my horse in between visits. So glad I found her!


Julie Higgins of Leg-up Equine Massage is definitely someone that every horse owner should have on their schedule as far as horse health care.  Julie’s knowledge of horse anatomy along with her intuitive skills make for a great combination for a horse massage therapist.  She is certified in several modalities all of which are highly beneficial.  Horses, like humans, have bodies that need different therapies at different times due to workload, possible injuries, age etc. When Julie comes to work on my horse, she asks questions, takes her time to access what he may need during each session. She also sends after-visit write-ups which are helpful in keeping track of her work with/on your horse.  She is on time, a great communicator, very professional.  I highly recommend Leg-up Equine and Julie and I know my horse Skip does too!  You can always tell he feels so much better, refreshed and relaxed after his sessions.

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